Cultivate and strengthen a relationship to your own inner guidance that is practical, specific, and actionable. Work with me to create a personalized map you can use to navigate your life your way.

Living the life you thought you always wanted but still somehow unhappy and unfulfilled? Longing to forge a new path, but not sure how to start? This hour long reading will allow us to create a detailed map of the terrain you’re navigating and a strategy for how to traverse it. With an investment of $99, you can see yourself and your life in an entirely new light. Uncover hidden patterns and break or build upon them. Figure out how to move through confusion and into clarity. Affirm your personal values and cast aside the bullshit that doesn’t belong to you. Working from the outside in isn't working. Let your life emerge from the inside out. A recording will be provided that you can return to and consult to stay on track.

In uncharted territory?


Would you rather go your own way instead of playing by other people’s rules? Are your needs and desires getting lost in the noisy, persistent chaos of day to day life? If you can’t seem to get your inner and outer worlds into a harmonious and cooperative relationship, a $55 investment will show you how. This 30-minute session by phone or video chat will allow you to reconcile what’s going on within you and what’s happening around you. A recording will be provided that you can revisit to reorient yourself as often as needed.

True North is out there.
Locate your NORTH STAR!

Overwhelmed? Lost? Not sure what the first step even is? This 10-minute session by phone or video call will provide one specific landmark to ground you and keep you on track. A $22 investment will provide a clear and focused way to start unsticking a sticky stuck point without diving into the deep end or getting lost in the weeds. A recording will be provided that you can use as a handy reminder and an anchor.

Ready... steady...
Go for a LANDMARK!



Sliding scale offered to BIPOC.

Trades considered on a case by case basis.

Inquire for in-person readings and event bookings in New York City.

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