I see you trying to live up to a freedom of choice your parents never had.

I see you making high percentage choices and getting shit done, but it's never enough.

I see you telling yourself you have no reason to complain, but you're still  miserable af.

I see your best laid plans crumble because somebody else won't go along.

I see you avoiding bad outcomes by refusing to make any choices at all.




A crucial piece is missing. You’re stuck.

You’ve seen every side of the story, but it always has the same ending.


You’ve analyzed everything and considered every option, but something isn’t right.

I’ve spent most of my life figuring out how to look at my own blind spots. I can show you how to look at yours.
It's time to give up narrative control.
That's what tarot is for.

I'm not talking about woo woo fortune telling psychic stuff.



Fuck that noise.


New Age-y manifesting secrets and mood boards make me cringe.


But confirmation bias is real.

There are no 👍 or 👎 cards.


There are no        or         cards.

Pain and loss are fully acknowledged without a story of victimhood or powerlessness.



Wins and growth are celebrated without becoming arbiters of fundamental worth.

Tarot is a stubbornly neutral mirror for self-reflection.



Fresh Eyes. Not Platitudes.


The cards are bullet points that outline a human story.


How we choose to connect the dots is how we choose to own our adventure, come what may.

If you’re out of ideas, I can show you a bigger picture without asking you to give up the analytical superpowers that got you to this point.


Help me help you help yourself.


Still have an icky, skeptical feeling about tarot cards?
That's perfectly reasonable.

Let me introduce you to the tarot deck and how I use it:

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