photo by Peter Siskos

Let me be clear. I can see. I'm not blind.

I used to be legally blind, but after a personal campaign to have 20/20 vision by 2020 (and a nick-of-time LASIK procedure in Q4 2019) I’m not even legally blind anymore…

This whole 'Blind Oracle' thing started as a nickname. It continues to be a metaphor and a literary reference. It’s an archetype, not a special designation.

I do have a few special designations, though. I've got degrees in film & television production and creative writing from USC. I’ve performed at The Groundlings Theater, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Public Theater, and Ars Nova. I worked in post-production for many years on titles with Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate Films and more.  

More recently, I’ve built a relationship to the tarot deck that pivots from traditional interpretations and applications to help creatives (myself included!) navigate their personal process.

I look forward to working with you! 💖

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