photo by Peter Siskos

Let me be clear. I can see. I'm not blind.

I used to be legally blind, but after a personal campaign to have 20/20 vision by 2020 (and a nick-of-time LASIK procedure in Q4 2019) I’m not even legally blind anymore…

This whole 'Blind Oracle' thing started as a nickname. It continues to be a metaphor and a literary reference. It’s an archetype, not a special designation.


I’m a blind oracle, but so is everybody else. We all have blind spots and we all have direct access to deep truths. It's just mechanical.

My life's work is rooted in attempts to verbalize the very things that are beyond words, inherently unknowable but we're so compelled to get to know them.

It would be an honor to help you find the vocabulary that can express your personal subjective experience (to yourself first and with others if you choose to share it).

I look forward to working with you!

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