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Use code BIPOC for 50% off any purchase if you self-identify as black, indigenous, or a person of color.


Tarot cards aren’t just for woo woo fortune telling or spiritual manifesting anymore. I can show you how to use tarot to tackle character, plot and structure issues, even (especially!) when the way forward isn’t obvious.

Recording provided whether or not you can attend live.


There is no prerequisite for prior tarot knowledge or study. You don't need a physical tarot deck if you don't mind using an online card generator instead.

Enrollment is currently closed.


Workshop any creative project one-on-one with me and my tarot deck on Zoom. We will strategically apply the cards to think through and discuss any aspect of the process or work itself where you desire deeper insight, are searching for a fresh take, or have hit a snag that needs untangling. Recording provided.

One session - $125

Four session package - $400


Creative collaboration is one of the most exhilarating, beautiful, fulfilling, and infuriating experiences a human can have. Get your whole team on the same page and get insight into how each team member can best bring forward their personal contribution to the whole. Improve cohesion and communication across departments. Recording provided.

Group Zoom consultations are intended to serve teams of up to 6 creatives.
To book a larger group, contact me.

One session - $200

Four session package - $600

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