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There are two ways to enroll:

1) Custom workshop for a group that you assemble yourself (maximum 8 screens, with kids in the same household and using the same device counting as one). This is a really fun way to see friends/cousins who live in different cities or are socially distancing. The cost is $150 per 1 hr class and we will work together to decide how many sessions are best for you.

2) 6 week workshop that costs $300 per student/screen. I will be scheduling these workshops according to demand. If you are interested, let me know which time(s) would work for you on Mondays, Thursdays, and/or over the weekend.

For more info and to join or schedule a class, use the contact link above!



With any blank comic book of their choice (books can be purchased here), students learn how to plan a story in terms of character/protagonist/antagonist, setting, beginning/middle/end, and theme/lesson.


Learn the basics of illustration and how to tell a story using words and pictures together. Artistic concepts include elements of shape, shading, color theory, design theory, and storyboarding. Over the course of the workshop each student will plan and execute their own original, hand-drawn comic!



Students gain experience giving and receiving feedback about their work in a way that will become more and more common as they advance into upper level education. Hone skills in structure, character, plot, and setting through practical application. Learn to develop and improve a story with multiple drafts. Over the course of the workshop, students will plan, write, rewrite, and share an original short story. 



Practice reading aloud, listening, and analyzing text in a fun and supportive environment. Create opportunities to take intellectual risks and ask questions confidently. A great way to strengthen literary criticism skills.

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